Milton Keynes man fights for justice Erin Brockovich style

A male version of the Julia Robert's character Erin Brockovich is reeling with success after taking on a giant property developer.

Thursday, 20th April 2017, 9:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:46 pm

Keith Rule, who describes himself as “an ordinary man” from Milton Keynes, has now transformed from an out-of-pocket victim into a successful legal worker.

His remarkable saga started a decade ago when he was one of many people to be duped as part of the craze for buying holiday homes abroad.

Keith paid a 54,000 euro deposit for an off plan property in sunny Spain. But his dream was short-lived when he failed to receive a bank guarantee and the developer later abandoned the project.

With his investment at risk, Keith took the matter into his owns hands and studied Spanish Law,

He unearthed an obscure 1968 law called LEY 57. This contained three key words ‘bajo su responsibleidad’ (under its responsibility) that became the key phrase in Keith’s fight for justice.

Amassing a group of 46 other disgruntled buyers, he launched an action against the developer’s bank, stating it was responsible for repaying them.

This resulted in a massive pay out – and an offer for Keith to join a Spanish law firm called CostaLuz.

He now runs the UK office, assisting thousands of other Brits to recover their deposits.

“It’s a real Erin Brockovich story!” he said.

“There are still a significant number of people that are yet to have their deposits returned to them. With the Brexit process creating a sense of uncertainty, now is the time to ask for help.”

Keith and the other 46 buyers were awarded more than 1.5 million euros by the Spanish court.

Some 1,500 clients from all across the UK and Ireland have been helped by Keith’s company.