Milton Keynes man jailed over drugs offences and distributing video of people having sex with a goat and a dog

A Milton Keynes drug dealer has been jailed for a string of offences including distributing videos of people having sex with a goat and a dog.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 11:13 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:03 pm

The father-of-one William Cook was only caught because his WhatsApp messenger programme in his new phone kept a record of all of the videos he sent using his old smartphone, Aylesbury Crown Court was told.

The 29-year-old was convicted of distributing the video of a 12-year-old girl being forced to have sex with a five-year-old in an African village and of possession of videos of people having sex with animals.

He was also convicted of a string of drug dealing offences and of £55,000 worth of money laundering, after police raided his home.

A judge heard detectives found Cook sent the vile video to apparently make fun of the child sex victims, telling friends in a message “this is you” after officers carried out a drugs raid at his home.

Graham King, defending, said Cook proudly included a joke caption when he sent the video to a number of friends.

The lawyer described how Cook was unaware the WhatsApp application on his new phone re-downloaded the message.

“This was thought to be helpful but in this case was not,” said Mr King, who claimed his client had “no sexual interest in children.”

“He shares your Honour’s obvious abhorrence of offences of this kind and child abuse,” he told Judge Francis Sheridan.

However, the judge said: “Here the case was utterly overwhelming. The defendant said in an interview he received this probably via Facebook and forwarded it to friends as a joke.

“It was child abuse of the worst sort and by having this for distribution it breathes life into the horrible industry of sex child abuse.”

The court heard that Cook had ‘played the court system’ to reduce his jail time by strategically admitting less serious versions of offences he was charged with after the police raid at his home in May 2015.

Sarah Porter, prosecuting, said a total of 8.59g of cocaine with a street value of about £400 was found in different rooms, wardrobes, the garden and a cutting agent and weighing scales with traces of cocaine were also found at his address.

The pornographic images were found on a mobile phone police seized and he admitted possession with intent to supply cocaine and possession of an extendable baton, which officers found in his Audi car.

Cook later admitted being in breach of court bail and possession with intent to supply cocaine at the Electric Daisy Carnival on July 9.

Ms Porter said he was also charged with possession with intent to supply a physchoactive substance after he was caught red-handed with 94 canisters of nitrogen dioxide, known as laughing gas, and more than 100 balloons at the event.

Judge Sheridan sentenced him to a total of 87 months’ jail for all the crimes and said: “It is very unusual to find someone who throws himself so wholeheartedly into a life of crime. The reality is that he was out for an easy life.

“The Electric Daisy Carnival is a haven for drug dealers as this court knows and I’m afraid the deterrent is to expect no mercy on this. He must expect a criminal lifestyle sentence. Drugs are the scourge of this country.”

Cook was jailed for a total of seven years and three months in total and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.