Milton Keynes man who threatened victims with knife during robberies across the city has been jailed


A Milton Keynes man has been sentenced to four years imprisonment after being convicted of robbery and burglary offences across the city.

30-year-old Adurahman Barkadle, of Ramsons Avenue, was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court last Wednesday relating to 11 seperate incidents in Milton Keynes this year.

He was arrested on May 12 and then charged on May 13.

During the robberies Barkadle threatened his victims with a knife and stole personal property such as mobile phones.

PC Chris Downs from Milton Keynes police station said: “Barkadle has committed these offences with no regard to the victims involved.

“He had no previous convictions and the four year sentence shows that the crimes he committed were taken very seriously.

“Robbery is a serious crime which can receive long prison sentences – up to a lifetime imprisonment.

“This sentence reinforces our commitment to providing justice to the victims.

“It also sends a strong message to those who offend that they will be dealt with robustly.”

Acting LPA Commander Supt Jim O’Ryan said: “This is an excellent result. Barkadle’s sentence is an example of how seriously this type of offence is taken, and it should act as a harsh reminder to anyone who may be considering offending in Milton Keynes.

“Our priority is to keep our community safe and we will pursue violent offenders and bring them to justice. I am very grateful for the support of the victims and witnesses in these cases”

> He pleaded guilty to:

Burglary dwelling, Germander Place, between 8.50pm-10pm (23/04)

Burglary dwelling, Ramsons Avenue, 1-7pm (30/04)

Robbery of personal property, Redway, Marlborough Street, 10.50pm (5/05)

Burglary dwelling, Perran Avenue, 5pm (9/05)

Robbery of personal property, Marlborough Street, 4pm, (11/05)

Robbery of personal property, Underpass Portway, 5.40pm (12/05)

> The following offences were Taken Into Consideration at court:

Burglary dwelling, Cranesbill Place, between 11.15am-12pm (26/03)

Burglary dwelling, Conniburrow Boulevard, between 1am-9am (6/04)

Burglary dwelling, Germander Place, between 10pm-7.40am (22/04)

Burglary dwelling, Coltsfoot Place, 00.37am (23/04)

Burglary dwelling, Adelphi Street, between 6.20am-7.20am (28/04)