Milton Keynes mental health services slammed in bid to raise awareness

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Whilst celebrating 50 years of Milton Keynes - the Citizen is reflecting on the local issues that need to be improved.

A mother-of-one who has suffered with mental health issues since she was just nine-years-old has slammed services in Milton Keynes.

Kate Samsonite, 29, claims the health service she desperately seeks to control her depression and personality disorder has ‘gone downhill’ since Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) began running them.

Kate has lived in MK for the last 10 years and hopes to raise awareness about the lack of support following the take over.

In December 2012, NHS Milton Keynes announced that care controlled by Milton Keynes Community Health Services, including meantl health services once used by Kate, would be moved to the London trust.

At the time of the move, Councillor Debbie Brock said: “We were initially disappointed that we couldn’t persue a local solution of integrated care. Our commitment is to making sure people get the right care.”

Kate explains: “I want to raise awareness because I know other people in Milton Keynes must be feeling what I am.

“The work provided by CNWL is substandard, we’re supposed to be celebrating MK but difficult things are still being ignored.

“People’s lives are at risk and someone has to spread awareness that a lot of MK residents are struggling.

“I feel like if I had the support I needed I could see my son regularly instead of once every two weeks.”

If you struggle with mental health problems, Kate has reccomended the following organisations who have previously helped her.

They include Milton Keynes Community Support Service and Mind.

A spokesperson from Milton Keynes CCG, said: “Based on official measures such as CQC reports the service has improved significantly since 2013.”

Tyrone Blackford-Swaries, service director for mental health services in MK said: “CNWL have made an enormous investment.

“Improvements have followed and been independently verified.

“There’s been a huge effort from all partners here but listening to what patients say has been the most important.

“I hope Kate will meet me to talk about her experiences, I’ll be listening.”