Milton Keynes MP gives support to campaign by visually impaired people

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Mark Lancaster MP grasped the opportunity to experience travelling around Milton Keynes as a visually impaired person this week.

Blindfolded and armed with a white cane Mark very quickly became aware of the barriers visually impaired people have to face.

Travelling on a bus to Milton Keynes Central, the team from the Guide Dogs spoke to Mark about asking the local authority to consider a variety of campaigns, one of which is the need for “talking buses”.

For a sighted person, missing a stop is an annoyance, for somebody with sight loss it is potentially dangerous. Most blind passengers have to rely upon bus drivers to tell them when to get off and the fear of this situation deters people from travelling on public transport.

Mark said: “The overwhelming vulnerability and being totally reliant on my senses, undoubtedly helped me to understand their challenges. I will be fully supporting calls for gradual introduction of audio announcements on buses following the select committee report.”