Milton Keynes MP heads to Scotland to support the Better Together campaign: ‘I want to do my bit to keep our union together’


As the Scottish Referendum edges ever closer, city MP Iain Stewart is heading over the border to support the Better Together campaign.

Mr Stewart, who was born and raised in South Lanarkshire, says the split would be “devastating” for the UK and wants to help preserve the union.

Iain Stewart MP

Iain Stewart MP

He said: “I feel so passionately about this, it will really be an historic moment for the UK and I want to do my bit to keep our union together.

“Although I am Scottish by birth I am very much British by nationality.

“Our two countries are so interlinked; my family as well as many others have relatives on both sides of the border.”

Mr Stewart’s visit will follow the Prime Minister’s last-minute campaigning efforts in Edinburgh yesterday.

He added: “I believe the huge uncertainties that would follow a split would hurt the economy north and south of the border.

“The arguments we have seen over the past few months have shown that the Yes campaign have little substance.

“There is no viable economic plan, they still haven’t dealt with the currency 
issue, and nobody has any idea what independence will really mean.

“I hope the majority of 
people realise that this is an unnecessary gamble that could cost us all dearly.”