Milton Keynes MP leads the way on English votes for English laws

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The Prime Minister is being urged to accelerate plans for English votes for English laws by city MP Iain Stewart.

Mr Stewart has called for a ‘double majority system’ which would see Scottish MPs able to contribute to debates and votes on English laws, but would also require “explicit English consent to be introduced”.

On the front page of Saturday’s Scottish Herald, Mr Stewart stated his idea would be a “workable model that would address the English dimension of devolution.”

Scottish born, Milton Keynes South MP, Iain Stewart told the Citizen: “I think it is absolutely valid for people living in England to expect some form of devolution.

“With Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland getting more powers its only right to address the English dimension.”

He added: “I don’t think there is any desire for another layer of politicians. I think we need to work around what we already have but allow for English consent on the laws affecting only England.”

The on-going national debate on English Votes for English Laws was sparked by the Scottish Referendum back in September.

Mr Stewart has been a leading figure attending discussions at Chequers and number 10 as well as giving in a submission to William Hague’s Cabinet Committee.

The committee is expected to deliver its proposals by January 2015.