Milton Keynes MP Mark Lancaster says same sex marriage is “wonderful” - after voting AGAINST it in Parliament

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MP Mark Lancaster has admitted he was wrong to vote against same sex marriage after actually attending a ceremony.

He was guest at a same marriage celebration on Saturday and described it on Twitter as “one of the most loving, wonderful events I have been to.”

He finished his tweet with the admission: “Guess I was wrong in 2013.”

The Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North voted firmly against the Same Sex Marriage Bill when it hit Parliament in February 2013.

At the time he said he agreed with the idea of civil partnerships but feared the Bill might “inadvertently impact on religious freedoms.”

His anti vote came despite an impassioned speech from fellow tory Milton Keynes MP Iain Stewart, who is gay himself.

Iain became an Internet sensation after his speech, which described how he came out to his parents years previously.

“I began the conversation with the line: ‘Mum, you know I’m never going to be able to marry.’ I often reflect on those words and it makes me sad that for so long that was a factually correct statement.”

Iain added: “I look at the marriage that my parents have - 45 years and going strong - and I aspire to the same thing.”

He is said to be delighted with Mark’s pro gay marriage tweet this week.

The U turn may have something to do with the fact that Mark is married to equalities minister Caroline Dineage, who went through a similar change of heart.

After initially voting against the bill, she decided her stance was “ridiculous.”

Caroline said at the time: “You have to go with actually what’s in your heart and what you believe in.”

Her husband’s Twitter announcement prompted heaps of praise from the public.

One follower wrote: “Good on you for being big enough to say that”, while another stated: “Thank you. It’s brave to say that, let alone publicly. We only ever wanted to be officially normal.”