Milton Keynes MP, Mark Lancaster, supports ban on khat


A six-year battle by MP Mark Lancaster to have the drug Khat classified as a Class C substance will come to an end tomorrow, following Mr Lancaster’s campaign which has had strong support from the city’s Somali community.

Khat is a social drug chewed by users for long periods of time.

It contains a chemical which is an organic amphetamine, and is known to cause hyperactivity, sleeplessness, hallucinations and in some cases liver damage.

Khat is currently illegal in countries such as the Netherlands, USA, France and Saudi Arabia.

Mr Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “Having had constituents in tears in front of me pleading to get this drug banned because it was tearing families apart, I am pleased that our campaign to get Khat banned has succeeded.

“We need however to be sensitive as to how this ban is introduced and I am pleased with the police’s proposed approach of education, warning then penalty notice to persistent users.”