Milton Keynes MP Mark Lancaster supports military action against ISIL

Mark Lancaster MP
Mark Lancaster MP

City MP Mark Lancaster says he will support the government’s backing of military action in Iraq.

Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament today to debate the UK response to the Iraqi government’s request for support against ISIL.

At 5pm MPs will vote whether or not to back the Royal Air Force joining the US-led coalition and authorise air strikes in Iraq.

Mr Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “My experience of participating in the Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts has resulted in me setting a pretty high bar before I am prepared to commit our troops to war.

“A crucial factor today in deciding to support the motion was that unlike 2003, ISIL have through their actions, openly declared war on the United Kingdom and as such I believe it is in our own security interests to act.”

During the debate in the House of Commons this morning, Mr Cameron explained why taking military action against ISIL would “help protect the British people.”

Mr Lancaster added: “I’m pleased that the motion limits our involvement to air strikes in support of the Iraqi and Kurdish army and the fact that the Iraqi Government have requested our support confirms the legality of our actions.

“Equally I was reassured that the Prime Minister recognised that strategically military action alone cannot defeat ISIL which is why diplomatic efforts to promote good governance in the region is crucial to the strategy.”