Milton Keynes MP was bullied as teenager, pupils learn

Students from five schools are feeling inspired to be the best anti-bullying ambassadors they can be after a training day held at Denbigh School.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 3:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 4:33 pm
Denbigh School headteacher Andy Squires, left, with Iain Stewart MP

Over 100 students attended the event, which included a talk from local MP Iain Stewart in which he shared how being bullied as a young teenager has had a profound and an enduring effect on him.

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training day gave students an insight into bullying in a bid to equip them to be significant contributors to reducing bullying in schools, online and in their communities.

Students took part in sessions designed to support them in their exchange of ideas, sharing of good practice and working creatively to explore and understand the impact of bullying.

They were also shown video examples of other schools which work regularly with the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign and were set aims and targets on anti-bullying, which they will formulate into a plan when they return to their schools.

Teaching staff also received their own separate training on the day.

Denbigh School headteacher Andy Squires said: “The students have not only gained an insight into the facts and effects of bullying, but were also able to share practical ideas on keeping themselves from harm and will now go on to educate their peers when they arrive back at their schools.

“I was delighted that Iain Stewart MP felt that he could share his experiences first-hand and show the students that, despite his ordeal in the past, there is hope.

“Mr Stewart has clearly demonstrated this by being elected as a Member of Parliament, who represents daily the interests and concerns of his constituents, both privately and in the House of Commons.

“Schools who have participated in the past in this programme have not only seen a reduction in bullying, but an increase in attendance, attainment and behaviour.”