Milton Keynes MP welcomes alternative to loan sharks

Mark Lancaster at the Credit Union
Mark Lancaster at the Credit Union

CITY MP Mark Lancaster has become the latest new recruit to the Milton Keynes Credit Union.

The MK Credit Union is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people to save and access affordable credit.

It provides an alternative for people who otherwise may have to resort to doorstep leaders who charge extortionate interest rates or have to take out payday loans where interest rates can over 1,000 per cent APR.

Member for Milton Keynes North Mr Lancaster said: “I’m pleased to join the MK Credit Union. I’m delighted that we have an organisation in Milton Keynes that people can save with knowing that their money is in safe hands.

“Christmas is a time of celebration, but we know it can also put pressure on family finances. Now is the ideal time to start saving to make life a little easier next year for all those special occasions; big purchases and emergencies. So if you want to start saving, I’d recommend joining the MK Credit Union.” Chairman of the MK Credit Union, Philip Turnbull, said: “I hope that the endorsement from the city’s MP will encourage more people to save with us and to be able access affordable small loans.”

Joining is easy– membership is only £1, and there are service points throughout the city where you can complete an application form, pay-in cash or apply for a loan.

To join the MK Credit Union call 01908 525086; email or visit their website and download an application form