Milton Keynes’ mum-to-be Donna launches her own ‘Buy A Baby’ fund

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A brave widow has launched her own Buy A Baby Fund so she can conceive her dead husband’s child through IVF.

The Citizen revealed exclusively how hard-hearted health bosses refused to fund 32-year-old Donna Turner’s request for IVF on the NHS.

Cancer victim Paul died just eight months after their marriage.

The 38-year-old’s dying wish was for Donna to have his baby and his sperm was frozen and stored for that purpose.

But Milton Keynes health bosses ruled Donna is not eligible for free IVF because she is now officially classed as single.

An appeal, backed by MP Mark Lancaster, urging them to show more compassion fell upon deaf ears.

The plight of the trained nursery nurse caused national headlines earlier this month. The sympathetic public reaction has now spurred Donna on to fight her battle for a baby alone.

Kind-hearted Daily Mail reader William Brady, who is 90, got the baby fund off to a flying start with a £500 donation.

“I love my kids so much and I think this lady should have a chance of having happiness,” he said.

City landlady Jackie Carr, who runs the Springfield pub, has pledged to help with a massive family fun day to be held in September.

She is hoping the day will raise hundreds of pounds towards the fund.

Donna herself is saving every penny she can from her wages and putting into an account she has named Baby Fund.

“My ambition is to raise enough money to be pregnant with Paul’s child by the end of the year,” she said.

“I cannot wait until our baby is born. It will be a little piece of Paul that I will cherish forever.”

Meanwhile Oxford Fertility Unit, where Paul’s sperm is in special storage, has vowed to give a Donna discounted rate for private IVF, which can cost up to £5,000.

Unit head Tim Child this week invited Donna to meet him for an assessment and to discuss the IVF procedure.

Though the clinic is self-funded through IVF patients, Mr Child has pledged to treat Donna at a discount cost.

“We hear all kinds of tragic stories here but this lady is in an awful situation. I will meet with her and see how we can help,” he told the Citizen.

Said Donna: “I am overwhelmed with the help and support people are giving me. I would like to say a big thank you to everybody.”