Milton Keynes Muslims make Monday pledge to help victims of Manchester and London attacks

Muslims from Milton Keynes are joning others across the UK to pledge their wages and pocket money today, to help the victims of Manchester terror attack.
The vigil organised by the Mayor of Milton Keynes after the Manchester attacksThe vigil organised by the Mayor of Milton Keynes after the Manchester attacks
The vigil organised by the Mayor of Milton Keynes after the Manchester attacks

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK (AMYA), which is organising the Manchester Victim Support Appeal is aiming to raise £50,000 to help the British Red Cross efforts in Manchester. The appeal is aimed at both working age population as well as children, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which is closely associated with charitable and welfare acts.

AMYA spokesperson Waqas Ahmad Khokhar said: “For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is an annual reminder of the human values, the values of sacrifice and universal brotherhood. It is with this spirit that we will be donating at least one hour of wages to the Manchester terror attack victim support fund coordinated by The Red Cross.

“Those who are able to and willing to donate a day’s wage or even more will be doing so too. Children will be donating their pocket money.

“We welcome people of all faiths and no faith and of all backgrounds to join us if they wish to do so.

Islam is a religion of peace and solidarity and we refuse to be cowed and divided by the few who want to divide us. We will show that love prevails over hate and we stand unified.”

“We look forward to working with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK, under their Mercy for Mankind Charity Challenge to raise money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund,” added Mark Astarita, executive director of fundraising for the British Red Cross.

“On this 14-day anniversary of the bomb explosion at the Manchester Arena, our thoughts and sentiments are with all those affected by this tragedy. We hope people will take part in this campaign and donate generously to help those bereaved or injured.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Milton Keynes has also arranged a vigil which will take place on Tuesday at 7pm at the Rose Milton Keynes.

It has been organised in remembrance of the victims that lost their lives during these barbaric attacks but also to commend the response of our British Emergency Services in response to these atrocious actions.

The deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes will be attending as well as many other local dignitaries.

“We would like to open the invite all members of the public to attend this vigil with us on Tuesday evening.