Milton Keynes’ oldest snowboarder hits the slopes

Don Everett on the slopes in Milton Keynes.
Don Everett on the slopes in Milton Keynes.

Snowboarding is not just for the young as 81-year-old Don Everett is proving in Milton Keynes.

He is believed to be the eldest member at the Snozone indoor slopes in Xscape.

Mr Everett said: “As a family we used to go skiing and I saw one or two people snowboarding when it had just been invented so I decided to learn.

“We as snowboarders used to be the villains of the slopes because we were all still learning when it was so new.

Mr Everett is a multi-talented man, having practised water skiing for over 40 years and being a keen skier until he learnt to snowboard.

He said: “Once you get into snowboarding, you don’t go back to skiing.

“It’s one of those things that gives you a bit of excitement and an adrenalin buzz.

Even though his wife asks him why he doesn’t do jumps and air tricks anymore, Mr Everett is proud to be fit enough to carry on practising the sport.

He said: “I am so lucky because so many people at my age are limping about.

“I have torn ligaments in my knees water skiing and a tendon in my shoulder snowboarding, but I have a bit of physio and back I go.

Snowboarding is a sport that has advanced over the last few years, with improved facilities.

Mr Everett said: “It is such a convenience being able to do it indoors in Milton Keynes.

“It is nice to have somewhere local where I can go every week and keep up my fitness, at my age muscles ware out.

“Going to France is quite expensive but going from my house to MK does just the job.”

He also encouraged people to get into the sport as young as possible saying: “It is such a buzz. For kids, they go down slides and things and this is just a progression of that.

“I would think that most kids would love it. Snowboarding is much better than a slide and more exciting!”