Milton Keynes one of the best areas for registering dementia patients


City health chiefs are among the best at registering people who suffer from dementia.

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (MKCCG), which oversees healthcare across the city, is on track to reach the Department of Health national ambition to register people with dementia, ranking Milton Keynes as one of the best-placed CCGs in the central midlands region.

It is estimated that the number of people with dementia in Milton Keynes is likely to reach 2,300 in 2015.

The Prime Minister challenged CCGs to identify at least two-thirds of patients with dementia by March 2015, and this target is close to being surpassed in Milton Keynes. By December 2014, Milton Keynes had identified 64.5 per cent of patients with dementia, outperforming the current national and regional averages of 57.4 per cent and 57.2 per cent.

This was a joint venture between Milton Keynes CCG, Milton Keynes Council and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), with the aim to deliver a coordinated response to improving the local dementia diagnosis rate, as well as and increasing the levels of support for people living with dementia and their carers.

Dr Nicola Smith, GP chair of MKCCG, said: “It is really pleasing to report that there has been significant improvement in recognising patients suffering from dementia in Milton Keynes.

“We take a collaborative approach alongside Milton Keynes Council and CNWL to work towards the challenge set by the Prime Minister for improved dementia services for local patients and we are almost there.

“As a working GP, I know the importance of identifying patients with dementia to help give people access to a diagnosis and the right support to best manage the condition. If anyone has any concerns with their memory, they should contact their GP surgery to arrange an initial assessment.”

Councillor Nigel Long, cabinet member responsible for health and wellbeing at Milton Keynes Council, said: “Work on improving the local diagnosis rates of dementia in Milton Keynes has been a joined up process, which has delivered results. The key success comes from being able to support people living with dementia and their carers.”

Dr Stephanie Oldroyd, lead clinical psychologist at the CNWL Memory Assessment and Support Service in Milton Keynes, said: “The implementation of these projects has been well received.

“By working in partnership with the CCG and Council in Milton Keynes we have raised awareness of the condition and improved the rate of diagnosis. This enables people to access the right support for themselves and their loved ones in a timely manner.”