Milton Keynes paedophile walks free from court after being found with ‘extreme’ images of children

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A paedophile caught with a collection of almost 300 shocking images of children and “extreme pornography” has been allowed to walk free from court after a judge told him to ‘get a grip’.

Steven Bullock of Sheerness Court, admitted one count of making indecent images of children and being in possession of six still images of adult sadomasochism “extreme porn” and was put under a night-time curfew for two years.

The 44-year-old was found to have 80 category A images - the most serious level - 21 category B and 191 category C indecent images of children on his laptop together with another two on his mobile phone.

Wearing a dark blue flowery shirt beneath a black coat, Bullock remained perfectly still as he was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Judge Francis Sheridan told him: “You have admitteted making indecent images of children, namely 80 category A, 21 catergory B and 191 category C which were found on your laptop and two more category C images on your phone.

“You also had six still images of extreme porn, adult sadomasochism.

“All of the children you have pictures of on your computer and your phone are victims of child abuse and you need to get a grip and realise that. People like you breathe oxygen into this disgusting industry.”

Bullock was also forced to pay costs of £500, carry out a 60-day rehabilitation order and sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.

Prosecutor Sandra Beck, said: “The extreme porn that was found on the defendant’s laptop was very disturbing. as Your Honour saw.”

Defending, Tayo Hassan, told Aylesbury Crown Court how Bullock, who admitted his crimes, suffered from heart problems and lost his job as a result of his actions.

She said: “Mr Bullock has been diagnosed with a number of illnesses and takes a number of different medications in relation to problems with his heart.”

A curfew was also put in place requiring him to stay at his home in Sheerness Court, Milton Keynes between 6pm and 2am for the next two years.