Milton Keynes parents keep traditional when it comes to choosing their baby names


Traditional baby names in Milton Keynes are in line with national trends, according to the city’s registration service.

Over the past year popular names such as Joseph and Oliver have been the most popular names for boys in Milton Keynes, whilst Elizabeth, Emma and Sophie were the favoured choices for baby girls.

Back in 1837 when registrations first began, William, John, Thomas and George were the most popular lads’ names whilst Ann, Charlotte and Mary were the top choices for baby girls, along with Elizabeth being a firm favourite again.

Registration Services Manager Yvette Medri said: “We do occasionally have parents discussing very unusual names, such as naming their baby after a near-by transport company.

“However on reflection most parents generally decide on something more traditional or meaningful.”

As well as registering all births in Milton Keynes, the registration service is also responsible for events such as Naming ceremonies as an alternative to a religious ceremony.

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