Milton Keynes pensioner seriously injured after being thrown from stairlift

Leslie Taylor before the accident
Leslie Taylor before the accident
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The daughter of a pensioner who suffered horrific injuries when he was thrown down a flight of stairs after his stair lift broke has instructed lawyers to help him gain access to the care and rehabilitation he will now require.

Leslie Taylor is receiving ongoing treatment for fractures to his neck, back, a broken rib which caused injuries to his lung resulting in pneumonia, a haematoma the length of his right side and the loss of a tooth following the incident on December 5 last year in his own home at Downs Barn, Milton Keynes.

The 93-year-old’s three daughters have instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell to help as they believe that their father has been robbed of his last few years of independence, as he is now unable to walk and is also doubly incontinent.

The family are hoping to care for their father at home with the help of 24-hour carers, however due to his ongoing medical issues he may be required to be moved into a nursing home at some point in the future.

Irwin Mitchell is investigating why the seat detached from the lift when Mr Taylor began to descend, resulting in him being thrown backwards down a flight of stairs. They have asked Milton Keynes Council and Handicare Limited, who were contracted by the council to install and maintain the seat, about what action was taken to ensure that the stairlift was safe.

Nicholas Jackson, a serious injury expert at Irwin Mitchell said: “Mr Taylor suffered horrific, life changing injuries as a result of the incident that have left him needing significant treatment and ongoing care.

“Prior to the incident Mr Taylor managed to live relatively independently, but three months on from the accident after being transferred to a rehabilitation unit, Mr Taylor has had to be readmitted to Milton Keynes General Hospital due to ongoing medical issues.

“We hope that Milton Keynes Council and Handicare Limited will now work with us quickly and amicably to ensure that Mr Taylor has access to the best possible care, rehabilitation and specialist accommodation to meet all of his needs and ensure he has the best quality of life for his remaining years.”

Daughter Lynn Nunn added: “We are all horrified by what has happened to our Dad, it breaks our hearts to see such a proud independent man being robbed of his independence in the last years of their life.

“It is heartbreaking to think that we may have to make a decision to put him in a nursing home as his injuries are such that we may not be able to address his complex medical needs well enough at home.

“We, as a family, just want answers and accountability about how such a thing could have happened, this may then enable us to begin to come to terms with it and ensure that Dad has access to the best possible care hopefully helping him to move forward from his injuries.”