Milton Keynes people remain confident about work opportunities

Jobs Today section in the Milton Keynes Citizen
Jobs Today section in the Milton Keynes Citizen

People’s confidence levels when it comes to finding and keeping jobs is remaining high in Milton Keynes according to a new report.

The third National Careers Service Job Confidence Index shows that job confidence in the region is increasing with four in five people becoming more job confident or maintaining the same confidence levels in their job and ability to find work since November 2013 when the last Index results were available – an increase of 3%.

City specific data shows that in Milton Keynes, 83%, Brighton, 76%, Oxford 86% and Southampton 79% became more job confident or maintained the same levels of job confidence. While this is an increase of 5% in Oxford and 4% in Southampton, Milton Keynes and Brighton maintained their already high job confidence levels in the last three months.

And the research, conducted by ICM, shows the main driver behind the south east’s increase in job confidence is the economic recovery, with 57% (Milton Keynes, 56%, Brighton, 57%, Oxford 74% and Southampton 51%) claiming they are more job confident as a result of improving business outlook – (an increase of 20 percentage points from 37% in August to 57% now.)

Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock said: “It is testament to our long term economic plan that people are becoming more confident in the jobs market. Every job means more economic security for families.

“To support this growing feeling and as the recovery continues people can be assured that the National Careers Service provides advice to all ages and at all stages of their working lives. I would urge anyone who needs help with their job search gets in touch with them today.”

Get in touch with the National Careers Service by calling 0800 100 900 or search online.