Milton Keynes physiotherapist to appear as expert in Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

Jon Graham treating young stroke survivor, Becky.
Jon Graham treating young stroke survivor, Becky.

A city physiotherapist will be appearing as an expert on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies this week.

Jon Graham has devoted much of his career helping people maximise their independence following life changing events such as stroke, acquired brain or spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions.

He’s clinical director of PhysioFunction, which has bases across the country including Willen, and will feature in the Thursday’s episode from his clinic.

Pioneering techniques used at PhysioFunction, a Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic to help people told they would never walk again to prove the impossible, will be showcased in the episode.

Jon will be seen treating Becky, a young stroke survivor, from Devon who suffered a stroke whilst out shopping one day. Despite the odds Becky pulled through, although the effects of the stroke were apparent all down one side.

Jon was invited by Embarrassing Bodies and Dr Dawn to treat Becky with his knowledge of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), which stimulates nerves and activates weakened muscles to provide an aid to walking to assist recovery and independent mobility.

And since making her first appointment in December 2013 while being followed by cameras, Becky hasn’t looked back.

See Jon’s part in her recovery on Thursday’s Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4.