Milton Keynes planning boss quits job to save his love

Nick Fenwick and Catriona Morris
Nick Fenwick and Catriona Morris

The council planning boss who fell in love with a Conservative councillor has this week agreed to quit his job.

It is understood former assistant planning director Nick Fenwick has signed a ‘gagging’ order and a promise not to claim unfair dismissal against Milton Keynes Council.

He has been under the spotlight since he began a relationship three years ago with former mayor Catriona Morris, who was previously married to Councillor John Bint.

Milton Keynes council paid up to £20,000 for consultants to investigate whether or not there had been any professional impropriety.

This week the consultant’s report has been published with the conclusion that the couple had done virtually nothing wrong.

It is understood, it concluded, the relationship was “not ideal”, but created no ”insurmountable difficulties”. Sources say there were however references to a ‘love triangle’ and ‘cuddles in the council corridors’.

Mr Fenwick’s alleged ‘jump or be pushed’ departure, believed to involve a payoff of several thousand pounds, was announced in an email from council chief executive David Hill, due to quit himself in September.

The email prompted a furious response from Lib Dem councillor Chris Williams.

He said: “This concludes one of the most shameful episodes at MK council I have witnessed. Nick has been handled with utter disgrace and we should thoroughly embarrassed by the lack of openness, honesty and plain human goodness demonstrated in the shabby manner in which he has been treated. I can but wish that those who wielded the knives will find themselves equally pierced.”