Milton Keynes police officer who investigated rapes is arrested for inciting prostitution

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A police officer who specialised in rape and drug cases has been arrested on suspicion of inciting prostitution and supplying drugs.

Detective inspector Ian Jarvis, 44, worked on rapes, sexual assaults and serious drug crimes all over Milton Keynes.

He has now been suspended from duty while police carry out their investigations into his own allegedly shady private life.

Mr Jarvis’s wife is understood to work for the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided whether or not there is enough evidence to charge and convict a suspect.

According to claims made by a whistleblower to the local MKFM radio station, the detective inspector is known by the name ‘Shamoo Jarvo’ on social media.

Shamoo Jarvo’s Instagram account, it’s claimed has followed several sex-related users involved in swinging, dominatrix and other fetishes.

A source said: “His Instagram account shows a list of interesting users being followed by the serving officer, whose role included dealing with some of the most serious offences in Milton Keynes.”A Thames Valley Police spokesman said this week:

“A serving Thames Valley Police officer was arrested on Wednesday, February 7, on suspicion of causing or inciting prostitution for gain and the sale/supply of prescription only medicine not in accordance with prescription given by an appropriate practitioner .

He added: “The 44-year-old man is an inspector based in Milton Keynes. He has been released under investigation and suspended from duties.”