Milton Keynes prison boss likened suicides to BUSES in past

Woodhill governor Rob Davis once likened inmates' suicides to BUSES, saying 'they all come at once.'

Before Mr Davis came to Woodhill he was governor of Chelmsford prison, where he was questioned by Essex Live about seven suicides that had happened under his reign.

He told the news site: “It is not a nice thing to deal with, having people die under your custody.

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But it is just one of those things that happens, as we do not know what people are suffering from behind closed doors.”

He added: “We had not had any deaths for a long time, but like buses they all come along at once.”

This statement has outraged the family of Milton Keynes victim Thomas Morris.

“I cannot believe that a man in charge of making decisions about the wellbeing of more than 800 inmates could refer to tragic suicides in the same sentence as buses. In our view he should not be in charge of a prison.” said Thomas’s cousin Paige.