Milton Keynes pub reveals world’s first ‘lickable’ menu

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If you have ever found it difficult to choose what to have on a menu, the Clocktower on White Horse Drive has the answer.

The Flaming Grill pub, which is known for its flame-grilled steaks and epic food challenges, has launched the world’s first ‘scratch and lick’ menu.

Flavour experts from the Milton Keynes pub teamed up with food scientists and engineers to develop the new LickTech technology, which allows guests to taste their food before they order.

New items on the ‘scratch and lick’ menu include: Flaming Grill’s barbeque marinated Double Dipped Rib Eye Steak, its five flavour Frickin’ Chicken Skewers and its newest challenge dish, the Mother Clucker Sandwich.

The menus also include a specially created Sani-Safe coating, meaning that they are free from germs within five seconds of being licked.

Luke Beacall, general manager at the Clocktower, said: “We’ve all been there, everyone’s ready to order and you just can’t decide what to have. Even worse, you place the order, the food arrives and food envy immediately sets in.

“We’ve been working on the technology to allow guests to effectively try before they buy for a number of years now, and with our new menu having a wider range of flavours than ever before, we felt that now was the time to reveal the new offering to help guests make more informed decisions.”

The new ‘scratch and lick’ menus will be available at the Clocktower from today.

To see what other options are available on the ‘scratch and lick’ menu visit: