Milton Keynes residents collectively travel 30,000 miles in new street game

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Beat the Street – Milton Keynes’ giant walking and cycling initiative – has taken the city by storm with organisers saying there has been an ‘unprecedented’ response to the game.

More than 11,000 people have picked up a card or fob within the first three weeks of the game funded by Milton Keynes Council’s Sustainable Transport Team – walking, running and cycling 30,000 miles.

Extended until March 22, Beat the Street is transforming Milton Keynes into a giant game with players tapping special sensors called Beat Boxes dotted across the town.

More than 100 schools, businesses and community groups are competing against each other to see if they can come on top of the leaderboards and walk away with hundreds of pounds’ worth of prizes.

The response to Beat the Street has been incredible with thousands of people visiting libraries and leisure centres to pick up a Beat the Street card and get involved in the free, fun initiative.

Aggie O’Hara from Milton Keynes Central Library, said: “We have been completely overwhelmed in the past few weeks with people coming in to Kingston, Westcroft and Milton Keynes Central Library wanting to play Beat the Street.

“From the conversations we have been having with visitors it is clear that the game has captured the excitement of everyone living in Milton Keynes.”

Demand for Beat the Street cards has been so huge that many distribution points are seeing shortages in cards.

However, organisers behind the initiative say that there are still thousands of Beat the Street cards sitting at home that haven’t been used and are encouraging anyone with a spare card to return it to their nearest distribution point.

Chloe Lemm, engagement manager for Beat the Street Milton Keynes, said: “The response to Beat the Street has been unprecedented with over 11,000 people out exploring the city and discovering the amazing parks, cycle paths and hidden gems that make Milton Keynes unique.

“We want as many people as possible to be able to join the fun which is why we’re asking anyone with unregistered cards that it’s not too late to play or to return them back to their nearest leisure centre or library so that more families can play Beat the Street.”

To find out where your nearest distribution centre is – visit