Milton Keynes residents face charge to park outside their own homes

A car parked in the middle of the road outside Queen's Drive Infant School
A car parked in the middle of the road outside Queen's Drive Infant School

Residents are ‘outraged’ after discovering they could soon be charged to park outside their own homes.

A £25 charge could be introduced to those who do not have off street parking, ‘to cover the administrative cost of residents parking permits’.

An additional £25 will be charged for a visitors permit or £1 to park on the street for 24 hours.

The details are outlined in the council’s draft budget which was discussed at the full council meeting last night.

Anne Falcus, who lives near Middleton Primary School, started a petition on hearing the news that could affect all with a residents permit.

Anne explains: “I think it’s outrageous, we have had no notification from the council and apparently it could be introduced at the start of April.

“This could affect so many people city wide, it’s ridiculous and unnecessary.”

Leader of the Conservatives Edith Bald has opposed the new charge proposed in the council draft.

She said: “One of our concerns as a party is that once the council begin charging for these permits, where does it stop?

“This could easily become a money spinner and the Conservative party oppose these proposed charges.”

Anne added: “I have two daughers that visit me regularly. That’s £75 just to let them park outside my house. I don’t know where these charges came from but we had no notification from the council.”

Leader of the council Pete Marland, said: “The reality of the cuts we face is we are having to make very unpleasant decisions and they are only getting harder.

“We have already reduced the proposed charge to £25 and will continue to listen to what people have to say, but not implementing this charge will simply mean a cut to something else next year.”