Milton Keynes residents join councillors to demand safer crossings

As the building of new homes starts to gather pace in MK, residents are joining with councillors to demand that road crossings are introduced to improve the safety.

Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 3:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:41 pm

The expansions, particularly in the new West flank estates of Fairfields (2,220 homes) and Whitehouse (4,330) concerns residents currently trying to cross fast moving roads.

Stony Stratford councillor Charlie Wilson has called for action, he said: “Whether crossing the H4 to Crownhill or the V4 to Two Mile Ash or Kiln Farm there is a need for safe crossings.

“These are very fast roads and residents need to be able to access local shops and schools safely.”

Local Stony Stratford community campaigner Jenny Marklew, added: “I have been working with a group of local residents concerned that no action has been taken to allow these fast roads to be crossed safely.

“I intend to work with residents to find a good way forward.”

Milton Keynes councillors have agreed to hold a site meeting as next stage in looking at the range of options to tackle the lack of safe crossings.

Cllr Gowans said, “This is clearly a big problem and I am arranging the site visit with the Head of Highways.

“I am sure we can find a way forward to make crossing the fast roads safe. Fortunately the Labour led Council, in October 2016, allocated £3 million for such crossings.

“So now we have to work with residents to deliver the best way forward. ”