Milton Keynes school raises cash to buy a lollipop person

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Four teachers have launched a crowdfunding appeal to pay for their school’s own lollipop person to keep children safe.

Innovative Emerson Valley School has already won a national gold Modeshift Travel Award for encouraging pupils to walk to and from school,

“However we were unable to obtain our dream of getting funding to pay for the children to have a lollipop person on our neighbouring very busy and dangerous road,” said learning mentor Jacqui Avola.

She and colleagues Mrs Emmett, Mr Griffin and Mr Mehew are all planning to kickstart the funding by running the Milton Keynes Winter half Marathon in December.

The teachers are aiming to raise £1,400, which will be enough to recruit and pay for a lollipop person for a year to keep pupils safe. They say they will renew the appeal annually if necessary.

Emerson Valley became the first junior school in MK to receive the Healthy Young People Award in 2016. It promotes healthy eating, grows its own vegetables and has its own chickens.

The school, which is in Hodder Lane, also already runs a successful walking bus.

You can sponsor the teachers on