Milton Keynes second only to London when it comes to business start-ups

Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is second in the UK for the number of business start-ups launched, according to a new report.

Beaten only by London, MK has 67.7 start-ups per 10,000 people, which means the city plays a “major role in helping small business get off the ground”.

The small business outlook 2015 report published by Centre for Cities today also showed MK is at number two for the highest proportion of SMEs (small to medium size enterprises) in high-tech and digital sectors.

The city is also in the top 10 (No6) for the highest density of SMEs overall.

It follows news last week that just one in almost seven jobs in Milton Keynes pay below the living wage.

Leader of Milton Keynes Council, Pete Marland, said: “This is excellent news and shows the spirit of the entrepreneur is alive and well in Milton Keynes.

“The city’s success is based on a blend of innovation and a strong entrepreneurial culture alongside our delivering homes and jobs in a balanced way.

“What also makes Milton Keynes special is our geographical location and accessibility. People want to work here and we’re increasingly attracting the high levels of skilled people that companies need to develop and grow.

“This is why we have made the success of business and small businesses in particular as a priority for the administration.”

In an earlier report this year the Centre for Cities found that overall job creation in MK is the highest in the UK, with 24,400 new jobs created between 2004 and 2013 – a phenomenal rise of 18.2 per cent.

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics revealed unemployment had fallen across Milton Keynes in the past year.

Since September 2014 the number of people in the city claiming job seekers allowance went down by 549 and by 3,400 since 2010.

Pam Gosal, the Council’s Corporate Head of Economic Development & Inward Investment said: “We are continuing to support start-up and small business in Milton Keynes, and will be holding start-up and small business support fortnight from November 16 to 27.

Workshops and one-to-one sessions will be available.” 

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