Milton Keynes Subway sandwich shop is among 185 which only serves Muslim-friendly Halal food

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A Milton Keynes Subway sandwich shop has confirmed it only sells Halal meat after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims.

The shop at Netherfield Local Centre is among 185 branches across the UK and Ireland which only sells food that is acceptable to Muslim customers.

This means they cannot sell pork products and any meat must come from animals slaughtered in accordance with Islamic religious belief.

This means the slaughter must be performed by a Muslim, who must precede the slaughter by invoking the name of Allah. Then, the animal must be slaughtered with a sharp knife by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck while the animal is conscious, causing the animal’s death without cutting the spinal cord. Lastly, the blood from the veins must be drained.

A Subway spokesman said: “Due to the growing popularity of the Subway chain, with the diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland, we put a programme in place in 2007 to ensure that the population demographic is taken into account when new store openings are considered in order that we meet consumer demand in each location.

“All our suppliers comply with EU animal welfare legislation as a minimum and we require suppliers of Halal products to adopt the stunning of animals prior to their slaughter. All Halal meats are certified by the appropriate Halal authorities.

“All Halal Subway stores have numerous signs stating that they serve Halal food. These are situated on the menu panels, nutritional information and in the front window of the store. Details about the locations of Halal stores can be found on the store finder at”

An earlier version of this article suggested the decision to serve Halal food was a recent one. In fact the store has only served Halal food since it opened in 2009.