Milton Keynes taxi boss sparks racism row after branding other drivers ‘Islamic State thugs’

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A taxi boss has been slammed on social media after he posted a racist video, branding other taxi drivers ‘Islamic State’ thugs.

Cyber Cabz owner Clive Pinder filmed the video in a bid to attract more customers for his own business.

His comments received a huge backlash on social media after local residents branded him ‘disgustingly racist’.

In the 46 second long clip, Clive can be heard saying: “Islamic State thugs, don’t risk jumping in a taxi with one in Milton Keynes.

“Call us Cyber Cabz if you’re booking a taxi in MK, don’t risk getting into a dodgy cab with someone who might be a Islamic State thug.”

Nasar Iqbal, who has worked as a Hackney Carrige driver in MK for 10 years, said: “I am shocked and appalled to see such negative comments by him and was utterly disgusted by what he was saying in his advertising campaign for his company on Facebook.

“I have been a licensed Hackney Carriage driver by MK Council for nearly 10 years and have never been so insulted by anyones actions and abuse of racism as I have been after watching this video.

“This company needs to be suspended of its operator’s licence and the directors licences be revoked as a matter of urgency as I will be taking this matter further to local MPs and councillors as well as the local hard working drivers and operators in this trade.”

It is believed that Mr Pinder has since posted a public apology on his website.

In it he claims he was suffering a ‘trauma’ at the time of filming the rant.

The Citizen was unable to get a comment on behalf of Mr Pinder and Cyber Cabz.