Milton Keynes taxi-gate: City’s Lib Dem group keep schtum

Councillor Subhan Shafiq
Councillor Subhan Shafiq

Milton Keynes’ Lib Dem group have refused to comment on the resignation of ex-mayor Subhan Shafiq.

Jane Carr, campaign manager for the Lib Dems, told the Citizen they would not be releasing a statement until all members had gathered together for a group meeting tonight.

Mr Shafiq today stood down as a councillor following the publication of MK Council’s internal audit report into the scandal.

In August, Mr Shafiq was forced to resign as mayor after it emerged he had given a reference for a convicted rapist - with four convictions for serious sexual assaults - to become a city cabbie.

Last month the Citizen exclusively revealed that Mr Shafiq had given a character reference to another serious sex offender – an asylum seeker who is now a convicted paedophile.

Since then, only the Lib Dems’ regional office have commented on the ongoing saga.

When the scandal initially broke three months ago, Lib Dem group leader Douglas McCall said he and his members fully supported Mr Shafiq.
He claimed that some public criticism against Mr Shafiq has been racially-motivated, saying: “Some of it is because he is Pakistani.”

Although Mr Shafiq has resigned as councillor, he will not be replaced on the council until May 2015, because the by-election deadline passed earlier this month.