Milton Keynes teacher skydives for late step-son

Molly Leib did a skydive this week to raise money for her step-son's charity
Molly Leib did a skydive this week to raise money for her step-son's charity

A Milton Keynes teacher jumped out of a plane for the charity her nine-year-old step-son set up shortly before he lost his five-month battle with cancer.

Molly Leib, of Mentmore Court, Great Holm, describes Samuel Leib as ‘inspirational’ for wanting to raise money to improve the facilities for children having treatment at St George’s Hospital in South London.

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And since September almost £32,000 has been raised for Sam’s charity and provided sick children with televisions, fridges and sofa beds.

But following Samuel’s death in January from a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, his family have been determined to carry on the charity in his memory.

Molly, along with Sam’s step-dad Stephane, his uncle and three of the nurses who looked after Sam and nine others, have raised over £6000 from their skydive on Sunday.

Molly, who is a Sing and Sign teacher for children in Milton Keynes, said: “I feel really proud of myself for doing it. I’m really scared of heights so it was brilliant to be to complete the challenge.

“As I about to jump I thought about Sam, about what he had been through, so I knew I could do it.

“I could hear him inside my head, cheering me on. If he was here now he’d say ‘that was bonkers, Molly!’

“He was an awesome little dude and old before his time; he was a really wise person inside a little boy’s body.

“The charity all started because of the food, he hated the hospital food, and that’s all changed now.

“Through the pain of his ordeal he was only concerned for the wellbeing of others.

“His spirit deeply touched everyone who became aware of him and he has inspired many to support his selfless vision.”

Samuel, who lived in London with his mum, was a huge fan of Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal and was over the moon to have a surprise visit from the host in January.

Molly, 35, said: “Television was a real comfort to him when he was in hospital, he loved watching Deal or No Deal and just before he died Noel Edmonds came in to visit him.

“Unfortunately Sam was in so much pain and on a lot of medication so he was quite sleepy, but Noel was wonderful; he sat with him for half an hour and held his hand.”