Milton Keynes to earn £10million from Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup
Rugby World Cup

Milton Keynes could be set to earn more than £10million from the Rugby World Cup next month.

As the UK prepares to host 20 teams, more than 440,000 international visitors and 2million Brits in 11 cities, the focus has turned on the impact on local economies.

Search engine claims it will be the biggest generator of Tourism since the 2012 London Olympics.

With three matches being played in Milton Keynes’ stadium:mk, hotels, restaurants and bars will bring in £10,078,000 from visitors.

For the tourism industry as a whole across the UK, the cup is expected to generate a whopping £960million.

London will be the biggest winner over all, with 17 matches earning the city £197,026,000. Transport bosses will gain £15,420,000 in extra income as spectators descend on the capital.

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