Milton Keynes to welcome refugees from Syria

Milton Keynes welcomes refugees from Syria
Milton Keynes welcomes refugees from Syria

Milton Keynes will play its part in the refugee crisis by taking in “our fair share”, it has been claimed.

Next week councillors are set to pledge that MK will welcome families fleeing Syria with open arms.

Councillor Douglas McCall

Councillor Douglas McCall

It follows a last-minute motion brought forward by the leader of the city’s Liberal Democrats, Councillor Douglas McCall.

“Everyone has been moved by the images from the Mediterranean,” said Mr McCall.

“I want Milton Keynes to play its part - to receive and support our fair share of refugee families.

“Residents have been demanding action because they are desperate to do something to help.

“As it is we aren’t doing enough so we need to make sure we do our bit.”

Prime Minister David Cameron today announced that Britain will resettle up to 20,000 refugees from camps near the borders of Syria by 2020.

To help councils cope with the financial demands, Chancellor George Osborne said he would give some of the UK’s £12billion-a-year foreign aid budget to house the refugees.

MK Council’s motion to offer homes to Syrians follows last week’s admission that homelessness in MK had spiralled out of control.

Mr McCall added: “It is the biggest refugee crisis since World War Two.

“These people have been through hell.

“A lot of people seem to have hate in their heart instead of love - but love conquers all.

“Offering the refugees help will not take anything away from the homeless and needy people we have here in MK.”

Mr McCall will bring forward the motion at the full council meeting on September 16.