Milton Keynes' Top 10 pet names revealed

Perfect pets need perfect names
Perfect pets need perfect names

Choosing a pet name can require a lot of responsibility and thought, as after all your pet is a family member.

But have you ever wondered just how unique your cat or dog's name is?

500,000 pet names have been analysed in GoCompare's pet insurance quote database, which has discovered the most popular cat and dog names in Milton Keynes.

The research showed that Bella is the most popular pet name - 76 cats and dogs are called Bella. But what about your puddy-tat or canine?

Do they appear on the list?

Bella - 76

Poppy - 59

Lola - 57

Alfie - 55

Molly - 45

Ruby - 44

Charlie - 41

Milo - 39

Max - 39

Oscar - 39

And here's the list of the most popular names in other parts of the country: