Milton Keynes’ Tory leader calls for ex-mayor to step down as councillor: ‘He put lives at risk - it’s unacceptable’

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Former mayor Subhan Shafiq should lose his job as councillor over the sexual offences scandal that has rocked the city, according to Tory group leader Edith Bald.

Milton Keynes Council issued a convicted rapist a taxi driver’s licence after Councillor Shafiq personally vouched for him - despite four convictions for serious sexual offences.

This morning, Councillor Bald called for the ex-mayor to step down from his role as councillor, which he is given £9,962 a year as a basic allowance to do so.

She said: “Even more evidence is coming to light that makes it very clear to me that his position is no longer tenable to represent the people of Monkston.

“He has put the safety of passengers at risk and as a woman I find that unacceptable.

“I call on Councillor Douglas McCall to ensure the right action is taken.”

Two other councillors - Stuart Burke and Gladstone McKenzie - have now left the Licensing & Regulation Committee of which they were chairman and vice-chairman.

Mrs Bald added: “The other councillors involved in the decision of the licensing committee should search their own conscience and seriously consider they own positions too.”