Milton Keynes Tory leader: ‘It defies belief... Lives were put at risk’

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Three councillors caught up in a sexual offences scandal should “seriously consider resigning”, according to the city’s Conservative leader.

Mayor of Milton Keynes Subhan Shafiq has resigned after it emerged that he had personally vouched for a convicted rapist to become a taxi driver. Two other councillors - Stuart Burke and Gladstone McKenzie - have left their roles on the licensing committee over the issue - but all three remain councillors.

Councillor Edith Bald told the Citizen she had immediately called for the driver’s taxi license to be revoked.

She said: “I am angry this has happened, and concerned as a parent of two daughters.

“I have been on the licensing committee in the past and the test I always used was ‘Would I feel happy with my girls getting into a car with that man as a driver?’

“Given the information they had there is no way I would have granted him permission.

“It defies belief.”

She added: “If I was in their position I would consider my future as a councillor, because their judgement put the public’s safety in jeopardy.

“I think the councillors should think seriously about their position. They made a significant error of judgement.

“Stepping down from their posts is not a matter of being honourable at all. Lives were put at risk.”

Mrs Bald said she thought the decision to revoke the driver’s license is “right and proportionate” and is supportive of the wider review into the city’s taxi licensing.

She added: “I am pleased there were no Conservative councillors involved in the decision-making.