Milton Keynes train commuters would ‘forfeit their holidays’ for a rail service that ran on time

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Over 25 per cent of MK commuters would forfeit their holidays for a rail service that ran on time.

In MK, which have been cursed by near constant strikes, a survey of 1,000 blighted commuters revealed that over a quarter of them would actually forfeit some of their holiday each year if their trains ran on time and were not cancelled.

The survey also found that over 80 per cent of people are put in a bad mood for the whole day by a train strike.

Three quarters of them admitted that consistently cancelled or delayed trains have made us consider cycling to work.

“It’s clear trains have got a serious hold over us,” said Duncan Colman from Spike Digital, who ran the survey.

“They make passengers’ lives a misery most of the time, so it’s no wonder people would rather get to work on a bike, or even give up some of their holiday if it meant their trains ran as they should.”

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