Milton Keynes’ tribute to one of the leading figures in Islam

Imam Hussain procession
Imam Hussain procession

Hundreds of Muslims of all ages paid tribute to one of the leading figures in Islam.

Imam Hussain was known for his piety, kindness and love, and was celebrated with a peaceful procession from Milton Keynes railway station to the cornerstone Christ Church on December 14.

The group carried flags and placards with messages of peace and unity as they marched along Midsummer Boulevard, before ending with a special interfaith service at the church which featured members of the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Baha’i and Sai Baba faiths.

Seyed Mohamed Mohseni, who chaired the organising committee, said: “Hussain is revered as the paragon of equality and justice. His life­long service to humanity has inspired devotion to humanitarian service and reform amongst generations of Muslims and non-Muslims globally.

“We are here to keep the legacy of Imam Hussain alive and help to develop a greater sense of community cohesion, but the story of Hussain is not only for Muslims but for the whole of humanity, .

That is why we have left our own gates and peacefully walked own the streets.”

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