Milton Keynes Univeristy Hospital is currently under ‘extreme pressure’

MK University Hospital
MK University Hospital

Milton Keynes University Hospital is under extreme and sustained pressure due to very high numbers of patients seeking emergency medical care.

People are being urged not to attend the hospital’s Emergency Department unless you need emergency treatment, and to contact NHS 111 for advice.

Patients attending the Emergency Department will be treated in order of clinical priority, and some may experience significant delays.

The hospital has opened an unprecedented number of escalation beds in order to provide care for acutely unwell patients.

Chief executive, professor Joe Harrison, said: “We are seeing very high numbers of very sick patients in the Emergency Department and fewer patients being able to be discharged - many because they also remain in need of acute care.

“I would urge people to avoid the hospital’s Emergency Department unless it is a genuine emergency.

“Staff are working under incredible pressure to look after the patients in our care. I cannot overstate that. We are doing our best in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.”

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