Milton Keynes vet’s research into lame dogs pays off for owners

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Years of research from a city vet has finally been recognised – and could save dog owners thousands of pounds.

Paul Manning, who runs Astonlee surgery in Newport Pagnell, has been carrying our cruciate operations to fix dogs’ ruptured knee joints for 30 years.

But he has stuck to the old-fashioned, cheaper method using a graft – shunning the newer technique of sawing through the leg bone.

Paul’s method proved not only up to £4,000 cheaper per patient – but resulted in a 96 per cent success rate of dogs returning to full agility.

His findings were published this month in Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Veterinary Science journal.

Paul said: “The patients and their owners have had their say. I’m delighted that after decades of work, my paper is now published.”

Paul’s method costs around £2,000 and there are minimal post op complications, he says. One patient starred in an agility competition just four months after the op.

The complication rate for the modern, bone sawing technique is up to 25%. The old-fashioned graft surgery has resulted in a complication rate of just 0.5 per cent, says Paul.