Milton Keynes woman gets £10k compensation for '˜agonising' toothache

A dentist has paid a woman £10,000 compensation after she claimed she caused her to lose a tooth.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 10:09 am
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 11:22 am

Nichola Greenwood accepted an out of court settlement from Dr Diana Ferati of Furzton Dental Care practice after taking her case to the Dental Law Partnership.

Mrs Greenwood,43, claimed a misdiagnosis caused her to endure “agonising” toothache and eventually an extraction.

She visited her regular dentist Dr Ferati in 2013 to have a filling in a back tooth. But the following year she began experiencing severe pain in the tooth next to it.

She returned to the practice to have root canal treatment but afterwards the tooth felt “abnormal, painful and inflamed”, she said.

“I called the dental practice on numerous occasions but they just said it was normal and the swelling and pain would subside. But it didn’t.”

Mrs Greenwood, who works as a weight loss company representative, saw another dentist who discovered bone loss was affecting both the treated teeth.

One of the teeth has now been removed and she faces losing the other.

The Dental Law Practice analysed her dental records and claimed Dr Ferati had failed to diagnose and treat decay visible on X-rays in 2013.

Spokesman Tim Armitage said: “What our client had to go through was completely unnecessary. If the dentist had diagnosed the issue and undertaken the proper treatment in the first place all the suffering she experienced could have been avoided. We hope the compensation she receives will go some way towards paying for the further treatment she now requires.”

Mrs Greenwood said: “I have been so let down by the dentist at Furzton Dental Care. It had been my local practice for years and I always trusted them.

“In the end, they couldn’t do the basic things you expect from your dentist. Not only have I lost a tooth and am bound to face further dental problems, but the whole situation has caused so much pain and disruption to my life. I’ve had problems sleeping and eating, and didn’t start a new job I was offered because of toothache.

“It’s been hell and it is all because of this dentist.”

“I have been so let down by the dentist at Furzton Dental Care,”