Milton Keynes yoga teacher to donate class funds to raise charity cash


A woman whose life was transformed when she discovered yoga says she wants to give back by donating a month’s worth of teaching funds to charity.

Gaynor Macaulay, founder of Flex and Flow Yoga, was devastated when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Gaynor said: “Having been a project management consultant for many years I was kind of living the dream until I was diagnosed.

“After a period of feeling very sorry for myself, popping painkillers and generally falling into a bit of a demise I decided to take the situation in hand.

“Over the last 12 months I have used diet and exercise to significantly reduce my pain levels and improve my strength and flexibility.

“The result of all this is that I now have a bit of a different take on it all and I’m am passionate about life, people and of course yoga.”

Now, Gaynor wants to offer her Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes on a donation basis throughout August.

She believes she could raise between £2,000 to £3,000 and has chosen to benefit Willen Hospice.

Gaynor said: “We’ve all lost people we care about and if you come from Milton Keynes you know what an excellent job they do.”

Gaynor’s clients meet on Saturday mornings from 9am-10am at Monkston Park Community Centre, MK10 9PN, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.15-8.15pm at The Synagogue, Giffard Park, MK14 5PQ.

Her classes are suitable for men and women of all ages, whether you’re a beginner or expert – all that’s required is that you bring an exercise mat.

> Call 07534 083366 or contact Gaynor to reserve your space.