Minced cloth and onion pie

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A MAN who discovered an entire dishcloth inside a Farm Foods pie has given a crusty reception to the company’s offer of compensation.

Leigh Sylvester had chomped his way through a quarter of the minced beef and onion pie before he discovered the mangled blue and white surprise.

“It was revolting,” said his wife Vicky. “It has put the whole family off meat pies for life.”

She bought the offending item in a pack of four from the freezer cabinet at Farm Foods in Wolverton.

But when she complained the company sent her a voucher for just £20 - to spend at Farm Foods.

“I don’t think I’ll be using it. I certainly won’t be buying more pies,” she said.

Vicky had cooked all four pies and served them up with chips and beans for dinner for Leigh and their two sons.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when Leigh suddenly found the dishcloth inside his

“I know he likes something to wash his dinner down, but this was crazy.

“And the worst thing of all is that we don’t know what the cloth had been used for before it got inside the pie. We dread to think where it had been.”

A spokesman for Farm Foods this week confirmed the Sylvester’s complaint had been received.

“We have passed the details onto FreshPack, who manufacture the pies,” she said.

Asked whether the £20 voucher was fair compensation she said: “I cannot comment on that.”