Mindless thugs kill pet parrot after stealing it from its cage

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Police are hunting callous thugs who stole and killed an African grey parrot before throwing the remains of the dead bird from a car window.

The theft happend at about 4pm on May 3 when the pet was taken from its cage in a property in the Hide, Netherfield.

Police say a silver Ford KA was seen parked outside the house when a female driver got out of the vehicle and shouted for the occupants to come outside.

A man then got out of the car, broke in through a front window of the property and stole the parrot from its cage.

The couple then drove off past the National Bowl, before the man leaned out of the car and threw the remains of the dead parrot out on to the side of the road.

Police say the man was white, in his late 20s or early 30, more than 6ft tall, well built with large muscles. He was not wearing a top and had tattoos on his arms.

A woman of 28 and a man aged 32 have since been arrested on suspicion of burglary in connection with the incident and released on bail.