Mini Houdinis escape from a Milton Keynes primary school

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Three six-year-old girls escaped from a school playground after plotting their bid for freedom in advance.

The intrepid trio caused chaos when they squeezed through a gap in the hedge at Old Stratford Primary School during afternoon break.

Luckily they were spotted on the pavement by a parent who lived nearby – and escorted firmly back to school

Headteacher Gill Tween said: “In all my 37 years of teaching, I have never had children escape before. These girls admitted to me they had planned their action the previous day and they had intended to walk home so they could play.”

She said the children were apprehended within a metre of the hedge, which is behind the school kitchen and in an area forbidden to pupils.

“I have taken full responsibilty and I have apologised to the parents. But the children were clearly in the wrong and they were kept inside the following day as punishment.”

Mrs Tween said staff were “totally unaware” of the gap in the hedge, which has now been safely filled.