Mini love story could help beat child’s cancer

DEVOTED: Aiden and Libby
DEVOTED: Aiden and Libby

A lovestruck nine-year-old who dreams of being Rapunzel is cutting off all her hair to help her boyfriend survive cancer.

Little Libby Tucker-Spiers and Aiden Selleck are inseparable and have told their families they will one day marry.

Libby, who has global development delay and a growth problem, was devastated when seven-year-old Aiden was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer.

“I took her to see him in hospital after his first bout of chemotherapy and she was really upset to see that all his lovely curly hair had fallen out,” said her mum Charlie.

“She immediately insisted she would cut off her hair and give it to Aiden.

“We explained that this wasn’t possible, but she insisted she wanted to do something.”

Determined Libby then discovered she could have her 21in long flowing locks cut off and donate them to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for child cancer sufferers.

“Her biggest dream has always been to grow her hair so it was as long as Rapunzel’s. But nothing will stop her having it cut for Aiden,” said Charlie. The Bradwell Common youngster is due to have her tresses cut this week at Hair Couture which is based in Two Mile Ash.

Supporting her will be Aiden, who lives on Conniburrow.

He is only the second child in the county to be diagnosed with the condition, called Wilms Tumour.

Doctors have already removed one of his kidneys, but he still needs more rounds of intensive chemo.

“He is a real little fighter, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed for him,” said Charlie.

“Libby is always by his side. They may be young but they adore each other.

“It’s a real love story.”

Libby’s haircut has already raised £1,000 in sponsorship through a special Facebook page called Libby’s locks for Aiden.

Hundreds of pounds will be donated to the Little Princess Trust while the rest will fund Aiden’s one request - an ‘after chemo’ party at the stadium:MK.

The party will be held in the New Year when the mini Dons fan has finished his treatment.

He wants all his friends and family to come but it costs £15 a head.

You can donate via