Mini Ninja Warrior supports dad on ITV show

Callan DaCosta
Callan DaCosta

A three-year-old boy has become the UK’s youngest Ninja Warrior after his devoted dad built an assault course for him based on the hit ITV-show.

Little Callan DaCosta, three, became so obsessed with the game show in which contestants compete on an obstacle course that dad Ruel built him one to practise on.

Now gym boss Ruel - who is among the contestants on tomorrow night’s ITV show - is helping train Callan and his sister Jada, six, to tackle tough obstacle courses.

He says Callan was inspired to become a mini Ninja Warrior after watching him compete in the first season of the show last year and has been hooked ever since.

Ruel, 30, said: “Ever since then it’s been everything Ninja Warrior, he’s been jumping and climbing on everything.

“From then he constantly wanted to do Ninja Warrior in the gym.

“Before I know it he was climbing up this big wall I have at home.

“When I applied for season two he came along to watch that and met other people there, then he became Ninja Warrior obsessed again.”

Unfortunately for Ruel, his Ninja Warrior dream ended in the very first part of the course, prompting him to think Callan’s talent might not be in his genes.

He added: “I’d like to say he gets it from me but there’s definitely something within him.

“I try not to push him, saying you definitely have to do that, he’s just like any three year old and loves climbing on things.

“Once I saw the show take off I knew people would want to do the obstacles so I built them in my gym.”

This prompted Ruel to construct a replica of the Ninja Warrior assault course in his gym in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Although primarily an adult course, Callan has mastered it with a little help from his dad.

He said: “The bar on the video is about two metres high but in terms of climbing up to heights in the gym he can climb up to the top of the pyramid with assistance.

“All kids and babies are scared of heights to protect ourselves, I think he still has this but he understands it and he knows how high he is and he knows what to do to stay away from danger.”

Ruel added that while Callan’s mum is not to keen on the show, she’s a big fan of his exploits.

“She’s a nervous wreck who’s scared of heights but she loves him doing it like any proud mum.

“Obviously when he’s doing it and he’s doing stuff with me she gets a bit nervous.”

A video of Callan practising his Ninja skills has attracted 22,000 views on Facebook.